The KSTSK Grading Syllabus out now on DVD!

The official KSTSK Grading Syllabus is now available
in a comprehensive 4 DVD set!

The DVDs have been professionally produced and are of broadcast quality. Sensei Rakesh Patel and Sensei Peter Khera demonstrate all the Kihon (Basics), Kumite (sparring) and Kata (Formal Exercise) required for every grade from Blue Belt to Black Belt.

KIHON - Filmed from the optimal angle, every basic technique and combination is demonstrated at both slow and medium speeds.
KUMITE - Every sparring set is demonstrated from three angles. From the front in solo form, from the side in paired form and an elevated rear angle in paired form.  All movements are demonstrated at both
slow and medium speeds.

- Filmed from the front and from an elevated side angle, every Kata is demonstrated at both slow and medium speeds.

Every disc features a short introduction and an easy to navigate menu that allows the viewer direct access to the required belt colour syllabus.

Bonus Features: Association Kata Jiin and Chinte, Kata Bunkai (applications) and more.

This is a great set of DVD's for anyone looking to complement and improve their karate training. I certainly find these very easy-to-use and I keep watching my syllabus regularly to focus on the small details which make a big difference...Highly professional, clear, detailed, slow and medium speeds, I cannot get this in a book. At 29.99, this is a real bargain."
Philip Blanc
CEO i-negotiate
Global negotiation specialists