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Sensei Rakesh Patel 6th Dan

Rakesh Patel started Karate in 1984 at his local town club, Letchworth under Sensei Roy Hazelwood of TASK (Traditional Association of Shotokan Karate) and trained there regularly
and in Bedford under the Chief Instructor Sensei John van Weenen.

Through hard training, Rakesh attained 1st Dan blackbelt in 1989 at the age of 15 and reached 2nd Dan just before leaving for university in 1992.  During his studies, Rakesh trained every month or so at his home clubs, and weekly during term time with SEKU (South of England Karate Union).
Upon graduating from university in 1995, Rakesh taught Karate in the USA.  He taught 11-17 year olds for 10 weeks before returning to the UK after a short stint of travelling.  In 1997 Rakesh opened the
Hatfield school and graded to 3rd Dan in the same year.  In 2000, the Panshanger (WGC) school was opened as a sister club to Hatfield.  During the summer of 2002 Rakesh attempted his 4th Dan examination and was officially awarded the grade in October 2002. 
The Henlow school was opened in 2006.  Rakesh was awarded 5th Dan by NAKMAS National Governing Body in November 2007 and in September 2008, successfully graded to 5th Dan with the British Combat Association through a physical and written examination. In 2013, NAKMAS awarded Rakesh the rank of 6th Dan.
Since his first grading, Rakesh has competed in local association tournaments in both Kata and Kumite attaining first, second or third place on many occasions.  Rakesh also competed in open National (EKGB) tournaments and trained with the England Elite Squad on several open training courses up
and down the country.
Rakesh has a passion for Karate and thoroughly enjoys his training and teaching, and cross-training in other complimentary disciplines.  Rakesh enjoys supplementing his training by adapting the Karate
 knowledge and skills he has and applying them to training focused solely on Self-Protection.

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